Who is Andy Chan?

Malaysia’s Online Entrepreneur providing website solution for Online Business and WebbLink Affiliate Marketing Platform, Internet Marketing consultation and training services.

History of Andy Chan Entrepreneurship

December 15th, 2013 - Continue his way to a higher level of business

From overcoming the deficiencies to enhancing the accomplishments, he and his partner officially launched their entrepreneur website on the 15th of December, 2013. The invention of new concept in the Internet Marketing services had brought him to a new level of business.

Services provided includes the most powerful and effective website platform with various pragmatic business focused tools and, not to forget, the most advance online marketing strategies to generate convincing online revenue for clients.

Andy Chan will continue to explore and investigate the latest concepts and strategies along with the vigorous development of the technology to make a promising advantage for his clients.

November 1st, 2012 - Making his way to success

In November 2012, he collaborated the business with his previous company, Bestec (South East Asia) Sdn Bhd, with Mr. Phoon and registered their business trademarks for Webbpages and WebbLink. Through this, he took up the first step to provide a total web solution to cater the needs of various business sizes.

He and his partner successfully came out with the services like website development, coupon sales solution, email campaign, web business tools and online flipping book. Most importantly, hand in hand with his partner, he achieved to boost clients’ confidence with professionalism and powerful online marketing strategy.

August 1st, 2011 - Getting into the Internet Marketing industry

From the inspiring experience and stimulative training from Bestec and Epinon, Andy Chan formed a partnership with Mr. Phoon Bucgene (son of the founder of Bestec) in August 2011 and began his first website-focus business.

The business offered the customers an affordable flipping book solution at the price of only RM 189.00 for a four-pages corporate and products presentation. As a new hand in this industry, he continued to explore and invest in this field with the supports from his friends and family notwithstanding the uneasy setbacks and challenges he encountered.

March 1st, 2005 - The turning point of business

Along with the evolution of technology day by day, Andy Chan came into contact with the era of Internet Marketing Services in March 2005 when his business counterpart, as well as a good friend of his, Mr. Wei invited him to join Epinon Sdn Bhd.

Andy Chan took up the challenge and worked as Business Development Manager in the company which allowed him to gain a 16 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. With a strong client database of more than 2 million people, Andy Chan and his friend started Jom Coupon Sales – the latest online purchasing platform that offered matching of buyers and sellers through the Internet.

September 1st, 1997 - The establishment of the first and the second companies

The experiences and satisfaction from the previous job aroused the passion of running his own business. With his devotion to business, he established his first trading company, named Telebase Corporation Sdn Bhd, in September 1997, followed by IPWorld Communications Sdn Bhd in the year of 2003.

The former involved import and export business while the latter provided VOIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocols) services. The total revenue for the two companies had grown dramatically for the past 10 years, from RM 80k to RM 30 million!

November 1st, 1984 - The beginning of entrepreneurship

With the eagerness to find out more about business, Andy Chan (age of 17) worked as a door to door salesman on the 1st of November, 1984 after he had completed his SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or the Malaysian Certificate of Education).

He gained his experiences from the job for 6 years and eventually joined Bestec (South East Asia) Sdn Bhd with the post of Sales Manager at the age of 23.

He successfully made a revenue of more than 10 million sales for the company within 5 years during his tenure by selling single line phones to hotels and corporate offices.

August 13th, 1967 - It’s all started when...

Life BeginWho is Andy Chan?

Andy Chan (August 13th, 1967 – present) was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the age of thirteen, he discovered his interest in business. The first business was during Chinese New Year in 1980 when he started to sell firecrackers in his house.

In the year of 1980 during Chinese New Year, Andy Chan (age of 13) started to run his first business in his house by selling firecrackers to the people around the neighbourhood. It was legal to sell firecrackers back at that time. In his hands with the minimal capital of RM 30.00 from his mother, he successfully earned a profit of RM 130.00!

From this unexpected high profit of little business, the interest in business began to grow stronger in his heart and he continued to seek his destiny in this profession.


My Skills

Entrepreneurship / 95%
Internet Marketing / 85%
Family / 96%
Cooking / 90%

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