Andy Chan's Associate Companies

First thing to start a business is making decision on the investment amount, that’s Paid-up Capital.


Webbpages started in 2011, under Telebest Sales & Service Sdn Bhd., with a humble beginning as a service to bring online presence for brick and mortal local businesses. Webbpages venture into bringing low cost affordable solution for company to bring their business online. Throughout the years we have developed strategies and plan to offer our customers the best in business website platform and online platform as well as online marketing methods. Webbpages is a company that always keeps ahead of trends and the creativity to provide internet marketing solutions which meet our clients’ needs.

Today’s economic trends have changed, forcing many companies and individuals looking for new idea and concept to attract more consumers or visitors in order to meet their bottom line goals.

At Webbpages, we would like to introduce you to our new era of internet marketing method, a comprehensive solution of Webbpages Online Business Platform and WebbLink Online Affiliate Marketing Network that working together with companies and individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible service at an affordable fee to realize the highest net dollar from their investment.

Telebest Sales & Service Sdn Bhd (72957-D)

Telebest was established in the year of 1983, which the founder have an ultimate intention of combined the best products and services to offer their customer.

Products and Services includes:

Telebase Corporation Sdn Bhd (455665-U)

Telebase was form in 1997, which become Andy Chan first trading company focus on import and export business with the intention of develop a distribution network in Malaysia. In 1999, Telebase have more than 16,000 retailer in their networking database, which distribute International Direct Dialling (IDD) Calling Card.

Products and Services includes:

  • IDD Calling Card
  • Telecommunication products and services
  • VOIP Server Integration
  • Retailing Services
  • Call shop franchise
  • Payphone Rental Services

IPWorld Communications Sdn Bhd (564669-X)

IPWorld was established in 2003, a business providing VOIP services and obtain Class License from Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission which is to provide IP telephony services to Malaysian using A2Billing open source software. It’s the best combined with IPWorld technology platform and Telebase retailer network, to capture Malaysia communication industry.

Products and Services includes:

  • Call shop franchising
  • IP Telephony franchising
  • IP Converter Rental Services
  • SME & Corporate VOIP Integration
  • VOIP Networking Services

Epinon Sdn Bhd (472071-H)

Epinon was established in 2002, which the founder is Andy Chan2 business counterpart since 1999. Epinon has 16 years experience in offering various types of services like VoIP, WiFi services, CRM and e-commerce and is the latest online purchasing platform offered to match buyers and sellers through the Internet.

Products and Services includes: